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Donald Smith

I have been using Kenneth D. Eichner as my CPA for the past 30 years. Kenneth is the most Honest and Knowledgeable CPA that I have ever dealt with. I have been audited in the past due to my lapse in judgement. I retained Kenneth as my power of attorney. I was assuming that I would owe about $15,000. I received a phone call from Kenneth the day of the audit and to my amazement Kenneth stated that I would be getting a $40 refund from the IRS. He has done great work for me in the past as well as the present. I would highly recommend Kenneth D. Eichner P.C. for any and all tax needs.

Alicia Villarreal

Several years ago, we were facing a very complex IRS tax issue and retained Mr. Kenneth Eichner of Kenneth D. Eichner, PC to handle our case. From our initial consultation with Ken in his office in Houston, Texas, we found him to be very knowledgeable in this field. Kenneth has on his staff a group of hard-working, dedicated professionals that work closely with their clients. His Associate, Ms. Qinglai Wang, was assigned to our case and is extremely knowledgeable with IRS matters. She provided the most efficient, yet courteous, service at every juncture of our case. She is passionate about her work and kept us abreast of our case at every important phase. In addition to his Team of dedicated professionals, Ken also collaborates with Mr. Dan Pilla, who is authorized to practice in Tax Court. He has written many books and holds seminars around the United State specializing in IRS matters and tax litigation. Together with his dedicated team of professional staff and Dan Pilla, Kenneth Eichner settled our case with the IRS. Now that our case has come to fruition, we know that, had we not retained Kenneth Eichner and Dan Pilla, we would have not reached an amicable settlement with the IRS. Based on our experience, we highly recommend Kenneth D Eichner, P.C. and Dan Pilla to settle any complex IRS issue.

Jay Streckfuss

The CPA firm of Kenneth D. Eichner advertises that you will feel like his only client. My advice is to believe it. In spades. Kenneth Eichner and his capable staff have saved me, and many others, great amounts of mental anguish, and no small amount of hard-earned money. I cannot imagine a better taxpayer advocate than this good man and his organization. Until I became a client, I was not even aware of the extent of my rights, as a taxpayer. While I do indeed feel like his only client, you should become a client, too.

Flip Team Management, LLC

I have been using Ken's office for the last 6 six years for my taxes and accounting as I am a small business owner. His staff is always very responsive and answers all questions I have. Any time I request documents, whatever is needed is produced very timely. They're well versed in all aspects of taxes and accounting. Nice people and office.

Phillip Nidd

I have been working with Kenneth to complete my taxes on an annual basis for over 20 years. I indicate "working with" to emphasize the collaborative, and professional approach undertaken to address complex tax issues over the years- always in my favor but always in alignment with current tax laws. Kenneth and I are "annual friends" and his support team have never failed to fully support me each year at tax time. Kenneth is a must have business partner during these difficult times.

David Munson

He has been my CPA for over a decade! Very knowledgeable about taxes and IRS procedures!

Joseph Stevens

It would be hard to find a more knowledgeable CPA in the Houston market. Ken and his firm have helped my business for many years, particularly when we needed it the most. Taxes are a moving target - you have to have someone who is constantly on top of relevant changes. Ken is not perfect, no one is - but he definitely earns every penny through quality service. TXInsurance

Tom Ross

Kenneth D. Eichner P.C. came along at just the right time in my life. I told him my circumstances and he said he would work with me, and he did! He does not allow the IRS folks to get by with anything they shouldn't be doing. An agent became so angry during a meeting with Ken and me that the agent stood up from the table, turned and stormed out the meeting room turning out the lights and slamming the door as he left. My offer in compromise was accepted and turned out to be pennies on the dollar. Being raised on a farm, we had a saying about being worth your salt. Mr. Eichner is just that.

Marilyn Gambrell

Kenneth Eichner, PC Review Brilliant, committed, compassionate....miracle workers. This accounting firm is absolutely amazing and they made me feel like I was their only client. For personal and/or business tax and accounting needs, Kenneth Eichner, PC is the one that you can trust and feel complete confidence in. They have your best interest and a successful outcome always as their priority. I am so grateful that I was referred to this accounting firm. Absolutely brilliant!!!!! Marilyn Gambrell

Pava Tyer

We were given Kenneth’s name from a client of his whom we met in the 1990s. We had gotten into a serious situation with the IRS. We did not know what to do and felt pressured by the IRS to pay them a lot of money to resolve our issue. Kenneth took our request and handled the IRS for us, resolved our situation, freed us from all the stress and fear we were experiencing, and has been our accountant since. We trust him and his associates. We refer friends and family to him regularly and he understands people's tax needs - large and small and treats everyone with respect and integrity. Kenneth Eichner is the only person we trust to handle our taxes. He is our CPA and he is our friend. We could give him 10 stars we would.

Scott Torell

I've been using Mr. Eichner's firm for over 40 years. I wouldn't hesitate recommending him to anyone. He stays on top of all the complex changes that occur every year and his complete staff is wonderful to deal with. From bookkeeping to tax preparation, the firm will make sure that you stay in compliance and assist you in your future financial goals! Thanks Ken & Staff for all that you do!

Ellen Libfeld

Ken helped me start off the financial aspects of my business over 20 years ago. We use Quickbooks for our data and any time we have an issue, Ken and his team are able to help. I highly recommend Ken Eichner for anyone that needs accounting help.

Becky Williams

Our church has been working with this firm for almost a decade. They are very helpful and have always been a great resource for us. They are patient with us and thorough in reviewing our files and taxes for the year. We know we are safe with Kenneth Eichner and his team! I recommend them to other churches who want to make sure they are above reproach when it comes to accounting practices.