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Freedom of Information Requests

The Certified Public Accountants of Kenneth D. Eichner, P.C. will represent taxpayers who, for whatever reason, find themselves at odds with the IRS. Many times these taxpayers just want to know what is in the IRS files without drawing a lot of attention to themselves. Congress passed legislation that requires government agencies, including the IRS, to disclose information to taxpayers if they are properly requested. Kenneth D. Eichner, P.C. regularly makes Freedom of Information requests from the IRS for such things as IRS audit files, work papers, collection activity files, and IRS transcripts for individual and business master files. The documents requested are usually critical in helping taxpayers end their IRS problems. These Freedom of Information documents can provide details of why, how, when, and where IRS problems started. Having this information is helpful as it discloses the IRS information used to assess taxes, penalties, and interest against the taxpayer. This is very useful in overturning IRS assessments for a variety of reasons.


The IRS master file contains a separate file for each tax year. Each year’s file contains the following information:

  • amount of tax assessed

  • amount of tax paid

  • amount of credit applied

  • amount due

  • any interest charges

  • any penalties assessed

This file may also contain information regarding an impending audit (even if you are unaware.)

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